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Set for newcommers-first formers: text-books+copy book for free!!!

Classes hours for preschoolers are coordinated with classes for their parents. Study at the same time, save your time and money ( discounts for co-education 10%)

Our references:

1 English PROfi - is a first-rate school. We learned English easily
2 Our child started to speak English confidently after stuyding at that school
3 Stuyding has never been so easy! English PROfi is the best school


[2017-04-11] Состоялась церемония награждения победителей English PROfi Open Tournament 2017!

Learning English with English Profi

Success in learning English with English Classical School English Profi is guaranteed! And it’s not a dream, it’s reality! Our qualified and experienced teachers with Cambridge certificates and well-equipped classrooms will help you do you best.

The number of students in a group is also of great importance. We have small groups in which you and your children will feel comfortable and enjoy learning a new language.
You’ll make progress and see it immediately as we have worked out our special monitoring system of the educational process. You’ll be really surprised how soon you will be able to read books and watch films from our extensive library.

English Profi – for everyone

For preschool children English with us is a fun game which helps children show their creative abilities and potential, develop and fulfill them.

For primary and middle school-age children English with English Profi is an opportunity to communicate profitably increasing the level of language proficiency.

For senior high school students English Profi is a good chance to get ready to pass successfully the State Exam as well as such international exams as FCE and CAE. You can test your skills in RSE, KET, PET, FCE and CAE in our Pretest Center.

For adults English Profi offers an opportunity to learn English from scratch or improve your knowledge, you can also get ready for such international exams as FCE and CAE which enables you to get work abroad.

Holidays with English Profi

Our English Profi Summer Camp works for you every summer. We provide you with a great opportunity to learn English and relax at the same time. Those who are keen on travelling will enjoy our annual trips to Great Britain.

English for children
from 4 to 6 years old
English for children
from 7 to 10 years old
English for children
from 11 to14 years old
English for children
from 15 to 18 years old
for adults
Preparatory course
for preschoolers
Preparation for the USE
(Unified State Exam)
Preparation for the
international certification
English PROfi
Testing centre



...experienced teachers

Опытные преподавателиOur teachers have broad experience in working with children and adults. They have internationally recognized certificates and advance in skill every year


...well-equipped classrooms

All our classrooms are equipped according to the latest language teaching methods and make it possible to work with audio and video materials

...annual trips to Great Britain

Ежегодные поездки в великобританиюIt’s an opportunity to practice your language skills, communicate with native speakers and immerse in the atmosphere and culture of Great Britain



...Summer English Camp

Летний языковой лагерьEnglish Profi Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to have a rest in the Summer Camp “Smena” and improve your language proficiency at the same time


...Pretest Center

Our adjusting courses will help you get ready to pass successfully such exams as RSE, KET, PET, FCE and CAE. During the course you adjust to the exam format and analyse the mistakes









...extensive book and video collection

Обширная библиотека, видеотекаIt contains more than 4000 books of different levels, which you can take home




...children and adults preparation for Cambridge exams

English Profi provides you with an opportunity to get ready for RSE, Cambridge exams FCE, CAE and pass them successfully. You can also test your skills in RSE, KET, PET, FCE and CAE in our Pretest Center



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(4812) 38-01-03
19, Dzerzhinskogo
(4812) 65-28-81
27, Normandia-Neman
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