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Состоялась церемония награждения победителей English PROfi Open Tournament 2017!


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Classes hours for preschoolers are coordinated with classes for their parents. Study at the same time, save your time and money ( discounts for co-education 10%)

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1 English PROfi - is a first-rate school. We learned English easily
2 Our child started to speak English confidently after stuyding at that school
3 Stuyding has never been so easy! English PROfi is the best school

English for children from 15 to 18 years old

At this age we teach the basic aspects of the English language: informal conversation, reading, listening comprehension and writing in accordance with the international and Russian educational standards.

Not only does this programme allow to master all basic aspects of oral and written communication in English, but also helps the pupil to expand considerably the knowledge of various fields in science and art. Moreover, it also helps to learn a lot of new and useful information about the culture of English-speaking countries.

Lessons of this course are based on the use of personalised approach, which enables us to consider psychological features of each pupil. In class we use audio and video, multimedia tasks, books for reading, dictionaries, posters and thematic sets of illustrations.

Therefore there is a formation of basic grammar abilities and acquaintance with the cores of writing:  descriptions, replies, short articles, formal and informal letters, e-mails, etc. There is also an expansion of

general knowledge of the world around , the society and culture of the English-speaking countries and acquaintance with tasks of an examination format (including Unified State Examination).The design technique is used at a great extend: pupils create their own creative projects in the English language.
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English for children
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