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1 English PROfi - is a first-rate school. We learned English easily
2 Our child started to speak English confidently after stuyding at that school
3 Stuyding has never been so easy! English PROfi is the best school

Testing Centre English PROfi

Testing Centre gives a great opportunity to adjust to the exam format, which, in its turn, helps to build candidates confidence at the examination.
Every year English PROfi provides orientation sessions that allows to measure candidates progress in English, view their results and work at their mistakes.

International Exam Preparation Centre (levels KET, PET, FCE)

English PROfi is a centre of preparation and delivery of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. Around the world a certificate from Cambridge ESOL is recognized as proof of your language abilities, which will help you to turn your ambitions into reality.
Certificates are recognized by a number of colleges and universities abroad as a requirement for entrance and further studies.
Today an international certificate is recognized by MIRBIS, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian academy of economics named after Plekhanov, Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs (MGIMO), Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages and many others.
KET (Key English Test) is an exam for candidates with basic level of the English language. It is followed by PET (Preliminary English Test), which aims at the candidates with language skills of Intermediate level.
FCE (First Certificate in English) is an exam for those who can write and speak at the Upper-Intermediate Level and need the English language for academic purposes.
English PROfi students are assessed annually at the levels of KET, PET, FCE and get high grades A and B.

Orientation Session of Cambridge examinations at English PROfi


Written Examination August 16

Oral Examination - August 18


Written Examination August 23

Oral Examination - August 25


Written Examination August 20

Oral Examination - August 27

Unified State Test Preparation Centre

What is the Unified State Test? This examination presents an objective universal assessment of English language skills.
The creators of the UST in the English Language have designed it in accordance with the American and English tests TOEFL and FCE respectively, adapted especially for the Russian learners.
Unfortunately, it is rather difficult for Russian learners to pass the UST in English without a personal tutor, or a specialised English language school.

The UST comprises 5 parts:
Part 1 assessment of Listening Skills
Part 2 Reading
Part 3 Vocabulary and Grammar
Part 4 Writing
Part 5 Speaking Skills

What is necessary to pass the Unified State Exam? Only international examinations can give an objective assessment of the English language skills. They are based on a framework of different levels, which is called British. According to the British framework, a candidate must have the Intermediate level of knowledge. This level is academic, rather than conversational. In addition, a candidate must be familiar with the format and some peculiarities of the exam.

Private English school English Profi is the Unified State Test Preparation Centre. Preparation is conducted from the earliest age.
The programme includes:

  1. British textbooks in the format of international examinations
  2. examination papers from University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations of past years
  3. the work of teachers (expert members of the UST committee)

In 2010 English PROfi students passed the UST with the results higher than 90%.
The annual seminar on the preparation of high school students for the UST in the English language is due to take place in August 2011.

To register for the seminar apply to the administrator.

Orientation Session of the UST 2011 in English PROfi

Listening August 17 (2 classes)

Reading August 20 (2 classes)

Grammar and Vocabulary - August 24 (2 classes)

Writing - August 26 (2 classes)

Speaking - August 30 (2 classes)
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